Davis Ayer, originally from Austin (Texas), is an American fashion photographer based in California. His list of inspiration includes: all things analogue, the “recent past,” and nostalgia for the era before he was born, “which is a world that doesn’t exist anymore” he writes. His recent series titled ‘Acid Washed Dreams' was taken from the White Sands of New Mexico. His photos remind me of memories. They explore perspective and perception. Ayer rarely focuses on a model’s face, her head turned away from the camera,  shadows or hair covering, or blurred out all together. In this way, the photo becomes less about her and more about us — the viewer. Our interpretation, but also our relation. “Shooting film forces you to be patient, and really learn what you want in the frame“, -Davis Ayer Maybe we are her - standing there: alone in a deserted landscape, looking at the sky or the ground, thinking of the past or the future ? And then we are her thinking of the moment when we are looking at the sky or the ground thinking of the past or the future.  Where are you now? What are you doing? What were you doing yesterday at this time? Last week? How does one capture human perception and perspective? Our perception of “now” and “then” and of our thinking of “now and then” in the future? We never view the present in the present with the same lens, or in the same way, that we view that moment when it’s the past. This is what Ayer’s photos bring up for me. Our vision of ourselves (and the world around us) in time and space — always blurred — always changing with time… All images from here.